Friday, December 4, 2009

A Trip To Kollur

During last summer days, I and my cousin Padmini planned to visit Kollur, and on one of the Sunday we actuated it. Prasad was willing to arrange a car,but we were interested to go by bus. Hence we caught a bus to Kundapur and again another to Kollur.We reached Kollur at around 11.we had our children among us.
Kollur is a very divine place with a awesome nature around it. It has a beautiful mookambika temple. And people all over south India visit this place. Theres always a rush of devotees especially from kerala. We can feel a divine serenity all over the place. We moved around, bought few things to children. We forgot all our wordly matters and encountered a kind of spiritual pleasure. We took prasadam i.e lunch hosted by temple and it was already 2.30 we decided to head back as we wanted to reach home before dark.
We went to bus terminal . I wish to tell you one thing, In kollur, not only in kollur but in whole udupi and D.K districts there is the privilege of only private buses and not of govt.buses. That day There were many private buses standing in kollur. All most all buses were mangalore buses. Anyway mangalore bus has to go through Kundapur to reach mangalore so that was not a problem. It was already 3 o’clock, we boarded an empty bus and relaxed. After a while, the conductor came in and enquired us. When he came to know that we are going to kundapur, he straightway forced us to get down, saying that ‘ let the bus first be filled with the passengers who go to m’lore and then you can get in !!. We were shocked !! and did not get his point. We entered another bus, and the same incident repeated ! . we went on enquiring every bus, and slowly realized the actual problem. They give first priority to m’lore passengers.Only those passengers are bestowed with seats and not others. the next preference goes to Udupi passengers and the poor passengers who get down at Kundapur , have to forget the comfort of seats and just stand hanging for whole one and a half hours of journey and that too in curvy road !!
knowing that we went frustrated. It was so unjustice! But nobody was there to raise the voice. The bus conductors actually rule there. There were so many passengers needing to go to kundapur, they were either ready to go standing, or wait for the only bus which was destined directly to kundapur. That bus too was not sure of arriving!! I couldn’t imagine myself holding my one and a half years old baby in one hand and the rod in the other and taking care of my son too! I went mad out of anger and decided to get my work done.until then it was already half passed three. I just told padmini ‘lets go and sit’. She was not willing to come but couldn’t ignore my words and just followed me and both of us sat in the front seat. Immediately the conductor watched us and asked us where we need to go .i told,
“ Udupi!” I myself wondered by the utter calmness in my tone! He looked at us unbelievingly becouse just ten mins ago I had enquired him and told him that we need to go Kundapur! I was damn sure that he did not believe me. But still I sat adamantly. I was calculating that once the bus takes a start what anybody can do, just there would be exchange of some arguments. At that time sitting comfortably throughout the journey was important for me. The main reason was all of us were too tired and it was Tanisha’s time to sleep. I found Padmini was not feeling comfortable. She was nervous for the shame if we get cought . I told her to relax. After ten or fifteen mins the conductor began to collect the tickets. It was the one I did not expect! There was no symptoms of bus to start. I started feeling that definitely he will force us to get down. I dont know why i started loosing confidence. i just thought its better to take back my decision before he creates a scene and insult us though i was knowing that I was not wrong. And I had all the experience that the citizens there in keep so ignorant of others and we cant expect any kind of help by them. So I decided to get down. I told padmini and stood to get down. Meanwhile conductor asked me why were we getting down. I told him with the bitter voice,
“ Because we can not travel standing,that too carrying the kids. Its too risky ”
“You told you are going to Udupi!?” I replied harshly,
“No we want to go kundapur. Yes, I lied because we needed the seats. If not us the kids need the seats atleast. And there are no such good people having sympathy over the women or the kids to donate their seats for us!”

He not only him everyone in the bus seemed to be stun. I did not wait for his reply and just got down out of the bus. Right before Tanisha was falling asleep and when i carried her she got disturbed and started crying. I looked at him with anger. He was staring at us. Everyone in the bus was looking at him as if he was a sinner and sympathetically towards us! As the time passed tanisha became unmanageable.She was weeping aloud and was getting tired.Looking at us the conductor went on putting stress over himself out of guilt. Atlast he accepted his defeat and called us back and apologized!! we were surprised by his unexpected act!. Then he requested us to occupy the same seats! We boarded the bus merrily with the feeling of triumph and gave a sigh of relief. It looked like everyone in the bus was happy.the conductor helped tanisha to cheer up! The bus departed, Tanisha went to sleep. Though the bus did not had the stop to our place He provided a stop to Tekkatte, and when we got down waved his hand with a friendly smile!!

This is how we reached home safely before the dark!!! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

With Love to my father

Ever since my childhood, whenever I remember my father, I get only one picture in my mind, dad, leaning on to the easy chair and lost in reading books. Cool, easygoing, patient, calm dispositioned, broad minded...this is how I can describe my father. He is a great reader as well as a good writer and ofcourse as a rule a biggest absent minded person!!! :)

He is multitalented person, with good sense of humour. I always liked my dad for his creative personality.

Unlike me he had a miserable childhood. He lost his father at the age of 14 and literally became orphan by loosing his mother at the age of 19. He sent to Mysore, his Father-In- Law's house for further studies.Those were the hardest days, himself says that he did managed the complete three years with only 3 shirts and 2 trousers! and did not had fresh food for atleast a single day! All stale and residual food went to my dad's stomach instead of sewage. He had to 'pay' all kinds of 'services' for the members of the house for staying there.But still he is very grateful to them that they did not let him on streets!!

Besides all these, life led in mysore, helped him a lot . As his F-I-Law was a well known sculptor, my pappa developed a taste in arts. He could learn sculpture, and clay modeling. He also joined the art school in mysore and learnt drawing, painting and imaging. He could get mastery in human drawing. In mysore he learnt the basics of flute too.

At that time, he lacked close affectionate s, He suffered a lot by loneliness which he tried to compensate to some extent in the company of books. G.T. NarayanRao, the famous writer, resided in saraswatipuram very nearer to where my father stayed. Dad was a great follower of him and learnt every hook and corner of kannada literature.

Dad is adventurous by nature.He joined the adventure club in mysore and enjoyed many trekking and mountaineering with the troop. Climbing the Himalayas was the biggest adventure by itself which he cherishes those memories even today.

As I told Besides this he is a good reader and a writer. S.L.Bhairappa, Poornachandra Tejasvi, Shivaram Karanth, G.T. Narayan Rao, A.N.K are some of his admiring writers. But he reads indeed all books irrespective of good or bad ! He has the habit of buying books and probably the best habit of donating the old books to schools or libraries after reading. As per my knowledge, he never borrowed any books from anybody.

He succeeded to publish three books..namely, 'Dhwani Mudrikegalu','Baduku', and 'Yashassinedege Sapthapadi' . among these 'Baduku' got good appreciation and enjoyed highest demand. So he republished it. Right now thinking of publishing one more book. I love the way he writes. He has been very particular and critical in his writings and never dare to write about any subject without
prior study and proper analysis.

Besides this he is still not contented with his achievements. He wanted to build a career in fine arts which he couldn't do. His innerself always motivated him to lean towards arts. Many a times he thought of quitting the banking job and continuing in literature and painting.But the responsibilities towards family, screwed him up in banking profession. He could not prove himself in any field as much as he wanted to do.This is a biggest grief for my father. Shifting to new place, new region for every three years that to staying in rural areas for highest number of years curtailed his scope and opportunity. and one more cause is probably lack of support. My mom was complete opposite to my father's disposition. According to her opinion, art means the way out to loose money, wastage of time and nothing in return!! Constant nagging made dad's confidence weak and dismal.

My dad is a very very simple person. I am always inspired by his good morals and dedication towards duty. I cherish those memories of my childhood , listening to his endless fascinating stories. We, I mean me and my younger brother always eager to listen those stories and we made it custom before going to bed.They were carrying us along, to the skies, within the water , around the fabulous fantasy worlds, from which I learnt to build the castles in the air!!! :)

Dad is known for his extra ordinary patience.When we were too young, he was never ever getting irritated by our endless curious questions! instead he was trying to convince us with illustrations and demonstrations.
I still remember the day when I was just six years old,asked him about the occurrence of day and night.At that time he just assured me to show it in the evening.I was awaited for that evening so eagerly.When he was back home he had a 'globe' in his bag! That night in a dark room,he literally demonstrated the revolving of earth around itself and around the sun with the help of the globe and a torch as earth and the sun !! I wondered and tried to visualize the things.This demo invoked a hundreds of questions again... :) and paapa went on answering ..that is different.:)

My father tried to develop the reading habit in us.Though failed in case of his son, I inherited it. He was happy to see me reading story books at the very young age of 7 or 8. He used to bring me all kinds of story books like chandamama, balamithra, balamangala, comics...etc etc. He got it bound and preserved it in his home library. But my habit turned in to addiction in such a way that I used read comics hiding it within the text books even in school!!
Besides dad's warning..when I engaged in doing the same thing all time, one fine day I lost all my story books. :(. Dad just gave it to some school libraries. Though he was not happy to do so just compelled act like that. Even today I miss those books.:)

Apart from these paapa is a sensitive and an elusive person.He doesn't know shouting at anybody (other than mom!!). He is not a social kind of a person.He doesn't have a big circle of friends. But too honest in relationships.He likes to be solitary than being in groups.He is a rare person with least expectations.His depth will be known only when we try to explore him!! He is good person and ofcourse a BEST FATHER ! :)

I am proud to be his daughter;


Monday, August 10, 2009

From the anonymous to the anonymous

when I know that Heaven does exist,That life could never get any better than this.

This angel was sent to me,and this is how she changed my life...
She came to me months ago,it was almost like a dream.
Before I found her,I felt worthless.
No one really knew what was bothering me.Even if they asked,
Every day, I was leaning more and more towards doing the unthinkable.
But this girl, this angel,the cutest girl I've ever seen
This angel was sent to me to change my life.
She changed my life dramatically.She gave me the will to live.
She gave me love like no one ever has before.

"To the world you may be just one person,
but to one person you may be the world."
She is the world to me.Just thinking about her makes me happy.
The whole world has given up on me,But she has proven to me
she will never leave or give up.
She makes me want to live again.She makes me feel so alive,
like no one else in the world can.

I knew she was something special,I knew she was a real angel
sent to keep me alive,and knowing that I'll spend
the rest of my life with her makes me feel like a million Rupees.
she looks like an angel.knowing I fell in love with a true angel...
beautiful black hair,black eyes sparkling with joy.
Hearing her heart beat slowly, gently,makes me feel so loved and secure
that I have finally found true love in my angel.
Hearing this angel sing makes me feel so calm.

I want to thank her for touching my heart
Like no one has ever had before.she is my first and only love.
Thank her from the bottom of my heart.
Without her I have no reason to see tomorrow,
But since I have her,I always look forward to tomorrow,
Cuz some tomorrow I will take her off the market,
And she will be mine forever.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thoughts for the day

These are some good thoughts really worth to follow:
  • Two thoughts that decide your attitude. 1.what you think of yourself when you dont have anything and 2. what you think of others when you have.
  • Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. waiting to win is common to all but working to win is the mark of true champion.
  • A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart and also it can be a pillar of building to a broken heart.
  • Argument is bad but discussion is good. argument is to find out who is right. discussion is to find out what is right.
  • difference between dream and aim. dream requires effortless sleep where as aim requires sleepless effort.
  • I always knew looking back on the tears would make me laugh. but I never knew looking back on the laughs would make me cry!!
  • sometimes eyes also get jealous of hearts. do you know why? Its simple; sometimes sweet persons remain close to heart but far away from eyes!!
  • I dont think there is any exception to these words,"No one has ever loved anyone the way the other person wants to be loved!
  • 'waves' are my Inspiration not because they rise and fall but becauseeach time they fall they never "fail to rise again"!
  • Leave the habbit of comparing your skills and features with others. concentrate on the things which improves your own skills.
  • 3 stupid stages of life: Teen-have time & energy but no money: Working-have money and energy,but no time.Old age-have time and money but no energy...
  • If the looser keeps his smile, then winner will lose the thrill of victory.
  • Troubles are like washing machine.. they twist, turn,and knock us around,but in the end we come out brighter than before...
  • I believe in Love at first sight because I have loved my mother ever since I opened my eyes!!
  • If you wait until the wind and the weather are just right, u will never plant anything and never harvest anything.
  • If there is a way I will find one. If there is no way I will make one!
  • Forgive me now.. tomorrow I may no longer feel guilty!!
  • Lot of trouble In the world would disappear, if people talk "to" one another instead of "about" one another.
  • We can easily judge others happiness by their face. But it is more tough to find the depth of sadness carved in the same person's heart!
  • A life spent making mistakes is more honourable and useful than a life spent in doing nothing.