Monday, August 10, 2009

From the anonymous to the anonymous

when I know that Heaven does exist,That life could never get any better than this.

This angel was sent to me,and this is how she changed my life...
She came to me months ago,it was almost like a dream.
Before I found her,I felt worthless.
No one really knew what was bothering me.Even if they asked,
Every day, I was leaning more and more towards doing the unthinkable.
But this girl, this angel,the cutest girl I've ever seen
This angel was sent to me to change my life.
She changed my life dramatically.She gave me the will to live.
She gave me love like no one ever has before.

"To the world you may be just one person,
but to one person you may be the world."
She is the world to me.Just thinking about her makes me happy.
The whole world has given up on me,But she has proven to me
she will never leave or give up.
She makes me want to live again.She makes me feel so alive,
like no one else in the world can.

I knew she was something special,I knew she was a real angel
sent to keep me alive,and knowing that I'll spend
the rest of my life with her makes me feel like a million Rupees.
she looks like an angel.knowing I fell in love with a true angel...
beautiful black hair,black eyes sparkling with joy.
Hearing her heart beat slowly, gently,makes me feel so loved and secure
that I have finally found true love in my angel.
Hearing this angel sing makes me feel so calm.

I want to thank her for touching my heart
Like no one has ever had before.she is my first and only love.
Thank her from the bottom of my heart.
Without her I have no reason to see tomorrow,
But since I have her,I always look forward to tomorrow,
Cuz some tomorrow I will take her off the market,
And she will be mine forever.